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10 Steps To getting your LicenCe

1.  Read and understand Road to Solo Driving   

2. Book your Learner Permit Test

3.  Pass your Learner Permit Test

4. Pay for and be granted your Learners permit

5. Book a Driving Instructor to get as much driving experience as possible

    using the four stages in the Learner Kit

6. Book Driving Instructor for Lessons and Book your Licence Test

7. Pass your Probationary Licence Test

8. Pay for and be Granted your Probationary Licence

9. Follow the P plate rules, stay safe and keep your Licence

10 Receive your Full Driver Licence.

iDriving School ensures students are at ease behind the wheel teaching you Official VicRoads Testing Routes so you can pass the test easily. When you choose iDriving School you are making the best investment for your future behind the wheel, your safety and the safety of others on the road. iDriving School offers cheap driving lessons to suit any budget or needs - if unsure, please contact us for help.

Our professionally qualified, patient and experienced instructor will guide students with all they need to know.

  • We evaluate students knowledge and abilities in driving a vehicle and recommend students for driving test when ready.
  • Guide students on test drives to practice operating a moving vehicle, providing feedback and correcting mistakes.
  • Provide helpful tips for safe driving as well as sensible practices in various driving conditions, especially emergency situations and extreme weather conditions.
  • Take students into a vehicle to demonstrate proper use of tools such as; mirrors, brakes, wipers, signals and lights.

Phone Ian: 0420 346 077